Helium Tanks

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When using helium to fill balloons please keep in mind the temperature will affect the helium molecules, higher temperatures will cause it to expand and lower temperatures will cause it to contract.

Permanent customers can keep 1 or more helium tanks on their premises for 3 months or more. Rent is billed quarterly for permanent customers.

Size Cubic Feet Filling Capacity
Large 220 400-430 – 12″ Latex Balloons Call – 303-937-8007
Medium 120 200-220 – 12″ Latex Balloons Call – 303-937-8007
Small 55 100 – 12″ Latex Balloons Call – 303-937-8007

Temporary Accounts

Hico offers short term and long term rental options. Short term rentals are for 7-days and they include a rental regulator and a full tank of helium. We do also offer pick up and delivery for temporary accounts for an additional freight charge, depending where our driver has to go.

We do not sell helium tanks!

1 Same day delivery service is available for orders placed prior to 10am.  Orders made after 10am will be delivered the next business day.
2 Monthly tank rental is billed quarterly.  Non-refundable.

Size Comparison