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6 Innovative Ways to decorate with balloons

Balloons are such a fun way to celebrate almost any occasion for kids and adults. There is certainly no shortage of creative ideas for balloon decorating. With the hundreds of styles, colors, and designs, your possibilities for themes are endless. Whether...

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What to Look for in Quality Balloons

Not all balloons are created equal. Some require helium. Some are meant to be formed into figures. When you’re looking to dress up your big event, it’s quite tempting to go to the nearest dollar store to fetch various colors and designs. Quality balloons ...

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5 Classically Creepy Ideas for Halloween Decorations

Stumped on what to do for your Halloween party this year? Perhaps you’d like to go for more of a traditional scare tactic around your neighborhood. Whether it’s realistic decor you’re aiming for, or the detailed costume design, there’s no shortage of idea...

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Decorating Corporate Events With Balloons

  Decorating for corporate events can be challenging. On the one hand you want to uplift the mood, but at the same time you want to maintain a professional and formal feel. Balloon decoration is one of the amazing ways turn any boring venue into a...

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Which balloons aren’t suitable to be filled with helium?

Have you come across supermarkets that have a “Not suitable for helium filling” section of balloons? The first thought that would cross anybody’s mind is that they aren’t safe. But contrary to popular belief, it is simply because they are too small to flo...

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