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Tips to Make Your Next Party Even Better

Whether you are throwing a kid’s birthday party or an extravagant adult event, you want to make sure your party is something worth going to. You don’t want to throw a party that everyone forgets about or leaves early from, so try out a few of these party tricks to make it one your friends and family will never forget!

Pick the right food

Many times parties fail because the food choices are not right for the attendees. For example, you wouldn’t serve fois gras and a charcuterie board at a ten-year-old kid’s birthday party. Just as you probably would not serve firecracker ice pops and chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs at an engagement party. Understanding your party crowd and the food they are likely to eat is a great way to elevate your party. Additionally, you want to make sure there is enough food and it is appropriate for the setting. If you expect your guests to be mingling for most of the event, small appetizers and finger food is probably better than serving food that requires utensils.

Have a theme

Every party should have some sort of theme. It’s important to note, however, that throwing a party with a theme does not mean you are throwing a costume party. Themes can range from a superhero kid’s party to a color scheme or feeling you are trying to evoke. A party with a strong theme is a strong party, but you also need to make sure the theme is known. This can be achieved by making sure your decorations, food and party favors all fall within the same motif.

Set the mood

Picking the right lighting and music can have a noticeable impact on a party. Once you have chosen a theme it is important to match the music and lighting to help drive the theme home to your guests. For example, if you are throwing a college graduation party you want to make sure your music speaks to your guest list, meaning a soft jazz playlist is probably not your best move. You also want to make sure the lighting reflects the mood of your party. So if you plan on having an evening barbeque you might want to consider getting some tiki torches or string lights so your lighting choices reflect the ambiance you are going for.


Possibly the most important part of any party is the decorations. Instead of going to the dollar story or Party City for overused and cheese-y decorations, have you thought about adding a variety of balloons? You might be thinking, what’s so special about balloons? Well, nowadays you can get balloons in all shapes, patterns, sizes and colors as well as having customized balloons such as a balloon arch or a sign made of balloon letters. Equally, by choosing to decorate your party with balloons you don’t need to drive all over town collecting party supplies. Balloons are an easy way to add decorations in line with your theme without overspending on streamers, signs, and other party supplies. Hico Distributing of Colorado specializes in balloon delivery in Denver, so all you have to do is order your supplies and wait for your guests to arrive knowing full-well that you throw the best party in town.

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How to Decorate with Pennant Flags

Pennant flags can be a fun, versatile way to decorate your home and your yard. While pennant flags are typically thought of in relation to sports teams or universities, their use can go far beyond adorning the classic dorm room wall. If you are looking to spruce up your classroom, bedroom, kitchen, patio, office, or other property, look no further than pennant flags!

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Why You Should Have Balloons at Your Next Event

When we think of parties, we automatically think of balloons. Nowadays, balloons have evolved in their meaning and use from when they were first invented. The options are endless and add eye-catching appeal. There’s something fun about a balloon that just brings out the kid in all of us. These few reasons alone will entice you to add a little color and imagination with balloons to your next event.

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5 Unique Latex Balloons

Struggling to come up with something unique for your daughter’s Sweet 16? Perhaps you want to make your co-worker feel excited about their new promotion and want to leave them with a lasting, memorable experience. Or maybe you’re just tired of the traditional use of latex balloons. There are various unique ways to use balloons. And you don’t have to be a balloon animals expert, either.

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When to Use Jumbo Size Balloons

Balloons are a popular element to add to any party. They’re whimsical, fun, and nowadays you can practically find them in any shape, color, style, and size for whatever party you intend. Jumbo balloons are a great way to make a big statement whether you’re entertaining a large crowd or a children’s birthday party. Here are some ways to incorporate jumbo sized balloons.

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