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Easy Tips for Autumn Parties You’ll Fall in Love With

As the weather begins to change and the leaves start to turn different colors, it’s time for that season that everyone loves so much: Autumn. With awesome holidays, great weather, fun festivals and cozy nights, autumn has a special place in the hearts of everyone. As this great season begins, so begins the great parties that often come with it. 


Different Holiday parties just to enjoy the cool weather and have a great time happen all the time, and creating a memorable autumn party is no easy task. Luckily, we have some tips and tricks for you to help create autumn parties that you and your guests will never forget. 


In this article, we’ll go over easy tips for autumn parties that will help you through the party of a lifetime.


Incorporate Fall Colors

The first and most important aspect of having a fall party is to incorporate the colors of fall. These colors dominate the season and are everywhere we turn, so having them in your party will inspire that fall feeling everyone loves so much. 


By using colors like orange, yellow, brown, blue, and even pink will help bring that fall feeling to your parties. You can use these colors in your napkins, tablecloths, balloon decorations, and even in your food. 


Celebrate the Harvest

Autumn is the time of the harvest, where we have an abundance of crops from the summer and can enjoy this bounty before winter begins. Incorporating the idea of the harvest into your party will help give it that classic autumn feeling and create an unforgettable experience. 


By using things like squash, pumpkins, hay bales, late-season flowers, and fruits in your decorations, you can help create that feeling of abundance and celebration. You can even incorporate this idea into your food at the party, serving classics like pumpkin pie, roasted squash, or even a whole roasted turkey!


Serve the Food of the Season

As we mentioned, autumn is the season of the harvest and creating a beautiful spread of food is a great way to capture that essence. You can use the classic harvest foods in your food like pumpkin and squash, but there are also other things you can use to create that feeling. 


Making hot apple cider with cinnamon stick straws is a great way to enjoy a sweet, hot drink on a cold day and will warm your guests up. You can also pop your own popcorn, which is a classic fall food that is delicious and easy to make. You can also do large meals like roasted turkey, or even a whole roasted pig if you’re feeling adventurous! What you should remember is that food is a key part of autumn, and you should focus on that to help create a great experience. 


Host Your Party During the Day

While nighttime parties are always fun, hosting your party during the day and outdoors is a great idea for autumn parties. The weather is generally cooler and easier to stand during the autumn than it is during the summer, which makes it a pleasure to be outside and enjoy the sun. It also will help you capture that autumn feeling by enjoying the breeze and all the smells and sights that autumn has to offer. 


It also allows you to host more activities and games, which can really make the party fun and memorable. 


Get the Right Decorations

Picking the right decorations for your party will be crucial. We’ve mentioned a couple of decorations you can use, but that is just the beginning of the decorations you can use. One of the best decorations you can use for autumn parties is balloons. They move and dance with the wind, and with the wide range of balloons you can get, you can match their color perfectly with the theme of your party.


And because you can get balloons delivery in Denver, it can be easy to have them delivered right to the event on the day you need them. 


Create a Great Theme for Your Party

With so many holidays in autumn, there is a wide range of themes you can pick to bring your party to the next level. For example, you can easily do a Thanksgiving or Halloween party, but you can also do a pilgrim-themed party to bring some fun to your autumn party. You can use the harvest as a theme, or even do a turkey-themed party as well. There are plenty of great themes you can use to create a great party. 


Throw an Amazing Autumn Party

Now that you know some great tips to throw an amazing autumn party, you can start planning your party with confidence. 


If you want amazing decorations for your party or need balloons delivery in Denver, the professionals at HiCo Distributing can meet all your needs and throw a great party. Please contact us at 303-937-8007 or visit our site for more information

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How To Create an Amazing Last-Minute Party Using Balloon Delivery

When it comes to throwing a great party, there are a ton of elements that go into it. Great food and drinks, good people, and most importantly, you need to have a good ambiance to set the right mood for the party. Creating that ambiance means having great decorations and a beautiful set up for the party, but if you’re throwing a last-minute soiree, that can be nearly impossible to get done in time. 


But there’s good news for you last-minute party throwers: you can still create an amazing ambiance for your party using balloon delivery. With a wide range of designs and colors, you can easily pick and choose the right layout that will help your decorations get noted and help you throw an amazing party. 


In this article, we’ll show you how to create an amazing last-minute party using balloon delivery. 


Consider the Cause of Celebration  

Getting a party together last minute is no easy task, so the first thing you should do is to consider who the party is for. For example, if you are throwing a birthday party, considering who the party is for will help you in choosing your balloon design. If you are throwing a party for a girl, choosing balloons that are light in color like pink or yellow is a great choice, whereas if you are throwing a party for a boy, colors like red and blue are great choices. 


You should also consider any special circumstances for the party. For example, if you are throwing a birthday party, but it is a surprise birthday party, you might consider getting balloons that say, “Surprise!” or “Happy Birthday!” on them to give that surprise some extra flare. The same goes for engagement parties, going away parties, and other events. With the ability to have a message printed on your balloons, you can create the perfect party decoration that will catch people’s eyes and bring your celebration to the next level. 


Consider the Person or People You are Throwing the Party For

When you’re throwing a party for a particular person or a group of people, you should be thinking about exactly who those people are and you should match your decorations to suit their likes or passions. For example, if you’re throwing a retirement party for someone, considering that person’s favorite color when having balloons delivered will help you create an atmosphere that is welcoming and festive. 


You can also buy balloons that are certain shapes or represent certain animals or items. This can also help you create a powerful theme for the party that is part of all of your decorations. For example, if you are throwing a retirement party for a pilot, you could make an airplane out of balloons to give them something to marvel at, or you can even have airplanes printed on the balloons. If you are throwing a party for a group of people, you might want to consider why you are throwing the party for them and come up with ideas based on that. For example, if you’re throwing a graduation party for some high school graduates, getting balloons that have a cap and gown printed on them will give your party extra flare. You could even buy balloons that match their school colors, which could create an awesome color scheme for your party and give you an idea of what color to make the other decorations. 


Consider the Space You’re Using for the Party

One of the most important aspects of using balloons for a last-minute party is to properly decorate the space you are using. If you have a small venue to throw the party in, placing large groups of balloons around the space can take up too much space and make it feel crowded. But if the space is too large and you don’t fill it up with decorations, it can leave the space feeling empty and hollow. The trick is to use the balloons to fill up space that is empty or boring to give it new life and make it part of the event. 


For example, if you have a large railing or stairway, consider tying balloons to the banister or the railing. This will not only spice up the area by giving it movement and color, but it will also indicate to your guests that the area is part of the party and can and should be explored or used. You can also use large groups of balloons to cover up unsightly areas of the party, like unusable doors, air vents, or preparation areas. 


Once you’ve considered these aspects, it’s time to get your balloons delivered and start having an amazing time!

Throw Great Parties With Balloon Delivery

Now that you know more about how to throw a great last-minute party using balloon delivery, you can start planning your own party and thinking about what colors and types of balloons you will use!


If you’re looking for balloon delivery in Denver, the professionals at HiCo distributing have a wide range of colors and designs you can choose from. To find out more, contact us at 303-937-8007. 

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DIY: How to Make a Banner Out of Pennant Flags

When it comes to making decorations for a party, holiday, or event, it can be difficult to come up with original ideas. You want to celebrate and decorate in a way that is eye-popping and fun, but some of the reliable methods of decorating are bland and generic. 

One of the best ways to decorate is to use a banner of pennant flags. Pennant flags themselves have a ton of personality, and making them into a banner is a great way to create an eye-catching display that will accent your setting or celebration. With tons of different colors, designs, and graphics you can print on pennant flags, there is no limit to the awesome decorations you can create. 

In this article, we’ll go over how to create a pennant flag banner yourself and give you ideas on what you can do. 

Pick a Theme

The first thing you should do is pick a theme for your pennant flag banner. Picking a theme before you buy your pennant flags or make them will help you get a great idea for how the banner should look. You should first consider exactly what the pennant banner will be decorating. 

For example, if you’re decorating for a football game or a soccer game, picking a sport-themed pennant flag design that will accent the space is really important. You can also pick out seasonal colors if you plan on using the pennant flag decoration for a holiday celebration. For example, going with yellow, orange, brown, and green for Thanksgiving will give the holiday celebration a great feel and color pallet. 

Design Your Banner

Once you’ve picked a theme, the next step is to design the banner itself. The first step should be to decide on the shape and size of your pennant flags. Some designs are better suited to certain pennant flag shapes and will highlight the color and print of your pennant flag shape. For example, picking pennant flags shaped like turkey feathers for a Thanksgiving celebration would certainly up the “wow” factor of your decoration. 

You should also decide on how far apart your flags will be on the banner. Sometimes giving the flags more space between each other gives the banner a more calm appearance, while putting them close together can give the banner more life and pop. 

Finally, you should decide on the string or rope that will string your pennant flags together. Using old-fashioned twine can give your banner a more rustic look and is great for backyard celebrations and summertime events. You can also use a cleaner, more classic string, which will give your banner a clean look that will be more professional. 

Get Your Materials

To make your banner, you’ll need a few items to help you. You’ll need a string that will string your pennant flags together. You can use twine, kitchen string, or any other sturdy string that you have around the house. 

Next, you’ll need your pennant flag material. You can use cloth, paper, plastic, or whatever material you want for your pennant flags. Just make sure that the material can be drawn on or printed on if you’re going to put your own decorations on them. 

You’ll also need scissors to cut the material into the shape and size you want. If you are using pennant flags that are all the same size and design, make sure to create a template for yourself to make it easy and fast to make more flags. 

Finally, you’ll need a hole punch to create holes where the string can go. If you already have pennant flags ready, then they should have a hole at the top all ready for you to put the string through. 

Make Your Banner

The final step is to make the banner! First, start by making two holes in the top two corners of each of the pennant flags with your hole punch. Once the holes have been punched in the corners of the flags, make sure to stack your pennant flags in the order that they will be hung in. This will make it easy to take them directly from the stack and place them on the string. 

Once the holes have been punched and the flags are properly stacked, you can start threading the flags onto the string. Make sure to put the first flag all the way down at the end of the string so that you have room to place the other flags and won’t have to keep moving it down while you make it. 

Once your pennant flags have been threaded onto the string, you are ready to hang your banner! Make sure that your string isn’t pulled tight so that the flags have some room to move and dance in the wind. This is what makes pennant flag banners so attractive. 

Make Your Own Pennant Flag Banner

Now that you know how to make your own pennant flag banner, you can start getting your pennant flags together and create beautiful decorations for any occasion. 

If you’re looking for pennant flags in Denver or need pennant flags for your event, please contact HiCo Distributing at 303-937-8007.

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Ten New Ways to Decorate with Pennant Flags

When it comes to decorating, it can be difficult to come up with new ideas that fit the occasion. You want to use decorations that bring some color and set the mood while avoiding decorations that are bland or unoriginal. 

With pennant flags, there are tons of ways to use them creatively and create an appealing look. While you might think that they are only good for barbeques and summer events, there are plenty of ways that you can decorate with pennant flags in Denver that are new and exciting. 

1. Represent Your Favorite Sports Team

Pennant flags are a great way to show your love for your favorite sports team. Getting pennant flags that match your team colors is a great way to accent the room during a big game.

You can also get pennant flags that have your teams logo on them as well. These pennant flags make a great decoration for game days, den areas, and man caves. 

2. Decorate Your Baby Shower

If you’re welcoming a new life into this world, a baby shower is a perfect way to celebrate. And if you’re looking for decorations that will make the room pop, look no further than pennant flags.

You can use pennant flags to celebrate the birth and the gender of your child; using blue flags for boys and pink flags for girls helps accent the entire party. You can also blue and white or pink and white for a softer, less pronounced look. If you are waiting to learn the gender or are having a gender-neutral baby shower, pennant flags in green, purple, or yellow are perfect. 

3. Celebrate a Graduation

If your children or someone special to you is graduating, pennant flags are a great way to set the mood for the graduation party. You can get flags that match the school colors or the color of the gowns, which will help create an atmosphere and a color scheme. 

You can also get flags that have writing on them, and a simple, “Congratulations!” on the flags will help create a festive atmosphere. 

4. Decorative Markers

If you’re having a large party, sometimes it can be difficult to point out areas of importance like banquet tables or bathrooms. Using bright, colorful pennant flags can help you draw the eyes of your guests to areas of importance. Use pennant flags to spruce up the appearance of tables, photo booths, and other important areas. This will help draw guests in and help you utilize the space. 

5. Cordon Off Areas 

At large events, it can be hard to cordon off areas that guests shouldn’t be entering. You can use pennant flags to rope off areas that are restricted without using barriers or ugly ropes.

You can also create separate areas and spaces using the pennant flags. Rope off an area for dancing, an area for eating, and an area for socializing. Pennant flags can help you organize your party area and keep things flowing smoothly. 

6. Decorate the Car

If you’re taking your car to a special event like a big game or a party at the beach, you can decorate your car so it becomes part of the festivities. 

Using pennant flags that have your team colors on your car is a great way to set the mood for a tailgate. Pennant flags on your car is also a great way to use your car as a decoration and a centerpiece for a beach party. 

7. Create a Collage

With so many different colors, sizes, styles, and patterns available for pennant flags, you can use all these different colors and patterns to create a beautiful look. 

Hanging many strings of pennant flags with different designs close to each other creates a collage effect. This collage effect looks great on walls and tables, and can also be used with hanging pennant flags. 

8. Brighten Up Your Business

When it comes to decorating your business space, you need decorations that will catch the eye of your customers and bring them in. 

Pennant flags are a great decoration for businesses because they are colorful and eye-catching, giving your business a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. You can also use them outdoors during sales or special events to bring in even more customers. 

9. Decorate a Dorm Room

A bland, drab dorm room can be difficult to decorate without creating a cluttered, stuffy space. Pennant flags are an affordable and tasteful way for college students to express their creativity and add some color to their rooms. 

You can also get pennant flags with the school colors or the school mascot on them to inject a little school spirit into a dorm room. For instance, if you’re attending the University of Denver, you could get maroon and gold pennant flags in Denver. 

10. Bring Life to the Stairs

If you are having a large party at your house, you need to use decorations that lighten up your space and also serve a purpose. 

You can use pennant flags on the banister of your stairs to bring some color to the stairs. It also helps point out to guests that the upper and lower levels of your home are open for the party and aren’t cordoned off. 

Pennant Flags for Every Occasion 

As you can see, pennant flags are a great choice for any occasion and can be used in a ton of different ways. You can also come up with your own ideas on how to use pennant flags and create your own beautiful decorations. 
If you have any questions about pennant flags or you would like to order pennant flags in Denver, please contact HICO Distributing at 303-937-8007.

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Your Guide to Environmentally Friendly Balloon Usage

Balloons have been a party staple since they were invented in 1824. Since their creation, they’ve become an essential element at every party scene. As much fun as they are, unfortunately they can be very damaging to our environment. Elements used for balloons, such as helium, strings and the balloon itself are hazardous when they aren’t disposed of properly and enter the environment. Have no fear though, there are numerous ways to use balloons and protect the environment. Let’s take a look at how to properly use balloons to stay environmentally friendly. 

Use latex balloons instead of mylar balloons

There are two types of decorative balloons: mylar and latex. Mylar is a non-biodegradable foil-like plastic made of polyester whereas latex is a biodegradable flexible material made from liquid rubber. For environmentally friendly balloon usage, you’ll want to use latex balloons, which includes qualatex and tuf-tex. But keep in mind that even though this natural rubber latex is technically biodegradable, you still will want to avoid from releasing them. Latex can take up to years to degrade, harming animals in the process. So when you’re ready for your next balloon delivery in Denver, make sure to order qualatex or tuf-tex balloons. 

Avoid releasing balloons

Whether it’s intentional or not, when a balloon is released, it becomes hazardous to the environment. What goes up must come down and in this case, when a balloon floats along its merry way, it will eventually fall on land or in the sea. Balloons can be mistaken for food and eaten by animals, leading to bad stomach issues or even death. So when you’re using balloons, try to avoid releasing them into the sky and instead deflate them and throw them in your garbage can.

Use environmentally friendly strings

Avoid using strings that use polyester or plastic, as those materials are harmful to the environment during production and the disposal process. Instead, use environmentally friendly alternatives, including, strings made of cotton or cardboard. They are biodegradable and more environmentally friendly. 

Dispose of them properly

As mentioned previously, releasing balloons is not the proper way to dispose of them. To ensure that the environment isn’t harmed, avoid releasing them or leaving them outside unmonitored. You never know where they’re going to go and what kind of damage they will do to the Earth and its inhabitants. In addition, try to use balloons more than once. If you ordered 500 latex balloons in your balloon delivery, ask around online to see if anyone in your Denver neighborhood can use them the next day. 

By following these tips, you can have your party and save animals too! It is our responsibility to protect our environment by practicing sustainable methods of balloon disposal. For your next balloon delivery, consider Hico Distributing of Colorado, as we provide two types of biodegradable latex balloons. 

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